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                首页 > 科学研究 > 科研成果 > 2017年部分论文
                序号 英文题名 影响因子 通讯作者
                1 Current detection technologies for circulating tumor cells 38.618 吴爱国,陈小元
                2 Supramolecular shape memory hydrogels: a new bridge between stimuli-responsive polymers and supramolecular chemistry 38.618 张佳玮,陈涛
                3 Nanoscale MOF/organosilica membranes on tubular ceramic substrates for highly selective gas separation 29.518 陈亮,陈邦林
                4 Photoluminescent Ti3C2 MXene Quantum Dots for Multicolor Cellular Imaging 19.791 黄庆,Chunyi Zhi
                5 Silicon/Organic Hybrid Solar Cells with 16.2% Efficiency and Improved Stability by Formation of Conformal Heterojunction Coating and Moisture-Resistant Capping Layer 19.791 高平奇,叶继春,崔屹
                6 Template-Free Growth of Well-Ordered Silver Nano Forest/Ceramic Metamaterial Films with Tunable Optical Responses 19.791 曹鸿涛,Yinglin Song
                7 Ternary Nonfullerene Polymer Solar Cells with 12.16% Efficiency by Introducing One Acceptor with Cascading Energy Level and Complementary Absorption 19.791 侯剑辉,葛子义
                8 Ultrasensitive memristive synapses based on lightly oxidized sulfide films 19.791 诸葛飞
                9 A 1D Vanadium Dioxide Nanochannel Constructed via Electric-Field-Induced Ion Transport and its SuperiorMetal–Insulator Transition 19.79 刘钢,Xiao-Hong Xu,李润伟
                10 Orientation Control of Graphene Flakes by Magnetic Field: Broad Device Applications of Macroscopically Aligned Graphene 18.96 Zhiming M. Wang,Jiming Bao
                11 Efficient and Hysteresis-Free Perovskite Solar Cells Based on a Solution Processable Polar Fullerene Electron Transport Layer 16.721 方俊锋
                12 Enhanced Electrocatalysis for Energy-Efficient Hydrogen Production over CoP Catalyst with Nonelectroactive Zn as a Promoter 16.721 陈亮,孙旭平
                13 High-Performance All-Solid-State Lithium–Sulfur Batteries Enabled by Amorphous Sulfur-Coated Reduced Graphene Oxide Cathodes 16.721 王春生,许晓雄
                14 Improving Thermoelectric Performance of α-MgAgSb by Theoretical Band Engineering Design 16.721 刘国强,蒋俊
                15 Large-Sized Few-Layer Graphene Enables an Ultrafast and Long-Life Aluminum-Ion Battery 16.721 周旭峰,刘兆平
                16 Light-Gated Memristor with Integrated Logic and Memory Functions 13.942 刘钢,李润伟
                17 Multifunctional Theranostic Nanoparticles Based on Exceedingly Small Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for T1-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Chemotherapy 13.942 Jibin Song,陈小元,吴爱国
                18 Photoinduced Field-Effect Passivation from Negative Carrier Accumulation for High-Efficiency Silicon/Organic Heterojunction Solar Cells 13.942 盛江,叶继春,崔毅
                19 Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of Two-Dimensional Hafnium Carbide 13.942 Cai Shen,都时禹,黄庆
                20 Controlling the Heat Dissipation in Temperature-Matched Plasmonic Nanostructures 13.592 Alessandro Alabastri,Proietti Zaccaria Remo
                21 Decomposing lithium carbonate with a mobile catalyst 12.343 王德宇,张继光
                22 Direct observation of vast off-stoichiometric defects in single crystalline SnSe 12.343 Jiaqing He
                23 High-temperature tolerance in WTi-Al2O3 cermet-based solar selective absorbing coatings with low thermal emissivity 12.343 高俊华,曹鸿涛
                24 Stabilizing Li/electrolyte interface with a transplantable protective layer based on nanoscale LiF domains 12.343 郭向欣,张继光,王德宇
                25 Two-dimensional silicon suboxides nanostructures with Si nanodomains confined in amorphous SiO2 derived from siloxene as high performance anode for Li-ion batteries 12.343 夏永高,刘兆平
                26 Electron-Transport-Layer-Assisted Crystallization of Perovskite Films for High-Efficiency Planar Heterojunction Solar Cells 12.124 方俊锋
                27 Evolution of tribo-induced interfacial nanostructures governing superlubricity in a-C:H and a-C:H:Si films 12.124 Chenhui Zhang,Jianbin Luo
                28 Naphthothiadiazole-Based Near-Infrared Emitter with a Photoluminescence Quantum Yield of 60% in Neat Film and External Quantum Efficiencies of up to 3.9% in Nondoped OLEDs 12.124 马东阁,杨楚罗
                29 Proton enhanced dynamic battery chemistry for aprotic lithium–oxygen batteries 12.124 王庆
                30 Rare earth separations by selective borate crystallization 12.124 都时禹,Thomas E. Albrecht-Schmitt 
                31 Dynamics of Strong Coupling between J-Aggregates and Surface Plasmon Polaritons in Subwavelength Hole Arrays 11.382 Proietti Zaccaria Remo,Hai-Yu Wang,Qi-Dai Chen,Hong-Bo Sun
                32 Design of Highly Efficient Pt-SnO2 Hydrogenation Nanocatalysts using Pt@Sn Core-Shell Nanoparticles 10.614 徐益升,赵双良,周生虎